Being a Tide ® Cleaners customer has its perks, including becoming an Inner Circle Rewards (ICR) member. More than a club, with ICR you are always the first to know about our special promotions and news. Additional special perks include our Tide ® Cleaners Express Drop Bag, 24/7 drop-off, hassle-free billing, our exclusive newsletter and a free "birthday suit" cleaning.

Best yet, ICR members receive points for every garment they bring in, and more points mean bigger rewards - even free cleaning. Point tracking is hassle-free, in fact we do it for you and include your current points on each receipt.

So now, in addition to exceptional service and convenience backed by the power of Tide ®, you save money and time. What could be better?

We have decades of experience in leading-edge processes and technology to help us deliver on our promise of service, convenience and quality. And with 21 metro-Phoenix locations, drive-thrus, carhops, extended hours seven days a week and 24 hour drop-off at most locations, we fit into your schedule and routine.