Business travelers know that a wrinkled shirt can create an impression and impact the results of the trip -" negatively. That's why packing these shirts to minimize the amount of wrinkles that will develop en route is crucial. While there are many techniques, we've found this process to be most reliable.

  1. Lay out your shirt on a clean, dry, flat, sturdy surface like a table. Button all the buttons. Turn the shirt so the buttons face downward. Straighten each sleeve so they extend straight out from either side.
  2. Fold the sleeves one at a time over the back from the shoulder and onto the shirt. It should make about a 45-degree angle. Line up the cuff of the sleeve so it is parallel to the edge of the shirt. Smooth out the sleeve working from shoulder to cuff.
  3. Then, fold each sleeve in half moving toward the middle of the shirt. Be sure to keep the sleeve on the inner have of the shirt. You should end up with a perfect rectangle, except for the shape of the collar. Smooth the shirt from top to bottom.
  4. Finally, fold the shirt in half so the collar meets the hem. Smooth the shirt again and put it in your suitcase.