One of our customers recently shared this question with us, -�Should I dry clean my golf shirts and does it make a difference in how long the colors stay bright?-�

We turned to our golfing friends for their personal advice, some of whom are pros. Here's what they said.  

Golf Pros

-�I usually have one or two special golf polos for company outings, pro-ams, and charity tournaments. I send them to the dry cleaners and they look great for years. For shirts I don't care about, I wash at home. After a few months, they get donated.-� -" semi-pro golfer

-�I used to wash my shirts when I was playing pro because I got them for free and didn't care. They never lasted more than a couple of months. The shirts faded and the collars looked terrible. A friend of mine dry cleaned his, and they lasted forever and looked much better than mine. Now, even though   I am off the circuit, I dry clean my polos.-� -" retired pro golfer

-�I send all my golf shirts to the dry cleaner. I do this for the cleaning and the pressing. I also buy expensive shirts because they fit and look better. I would rather spend the money on good shirts and send them to the dry cleaner so they last for years, than buy cheap ones that don't last. In the long run, it costs less.-� -" scratch golfer

Of course, we recommend dry cleaning. Golf shirts undergo more wear and tear than typical clothing. Adding more stress from home laundry machines will only damage the fibers and fade colors. Your best bet is to bring them to DELIA'S Cleaners.