Have you ever wondered what happens after you leave your cleaning order with DELIA'S Cleaners?   You may have noticed that there is not plant on-site. We've centralized our operations in two Phoenix plants for two reasons. First, it allows our entire store staff to focus on our customers. Second, it helps ensure the highest, most consistent qualify on all your garments. So, where does your order go and how do we keep it straight?

Tracking Your DELIA'S Cleaning OrderOnce we get your order, our associate prepares a customer invoice that provides specific instructions for all of your items. These are entered into our fully networked system which is accessible at any store and our cleaning facilities. This system includes a complete history of your interactions with DELIA's Cleaners.

Special items are tagged with colored strip tags. Each color indicates a specific instruction for the order, such as   how many pieces are included, the due dates for the garments and correlates to the invoice. These are safety pinned -" never stapled -" to orders, which are then bagged with a copy of the customer invoice and prepared for transportation. For shirts, an associate first unbuttons every button, then folds and bundles all the shirts in one order with a copy of the invoice. These are bagged separately from the dry cleaning. Each DELIA'S Cleaners store has a different color bag, which makes it easy for the drivers and plant workers to identify.

Our drivers pick up and deliver orders at each store a minimum of four times a day. This ensures that same day cleaning brought in before 9:00 a.m. is ready for same day pick up six days a week. The drivers scan information to ensure they've collected everything, and then deliver all the orders to the plants for cleaning.

Once your clothes arrive at the plant, a heat seal with a scannable code is applied to each garment, if needed. This label tracks the entire history of the piece including the date, time and associate who took your order, the time it arrives at the plant for cleaning/assembly, when it is finished, coordinated for return to the store, located in the stores' racks and when you pick it up.

Our trained experts then sort and inspect clothing, and treat any stains with the appropriate cleaner before being cleaned in our state-of-the-art machines. At DELIA'S Cleaners, we continually invest in the newest technology to ensure your cleaning receives consistently high quality.

Our transportation coordinator, Chris, sorts the cleaning for each store and scans the delivery information before it is then loaded onto the vans. Each driver knows the exact number of orders by for each store before leaving. This helps us maintain our record of close to zero loss and/or incorrect deliveries.

If you've signed up for alerts, DELIA'S Cleaners will send you an email to let you know that your order is ready for pick up.