What types of coats and jackets are best suited for a Phoenix winter? Once you get them, how do you care for them so they last for more than one season?

Winter Coat Options
  • Wool. A winter coat or jacket made of a lightweight wool will keep out the chill of a Phoenix night but won't be too warm for the daytime. Because of the structure and lining used in these coats, it's best to bring these to your local DELIA'S Cleaners. Between cleaning, use a soft clothing brush to keep your coat or jacket looking sharp.
  • Fleece. Casual coats and jackets often are made from fleece. You can care for fleece at home, but for the best finish, professional cleaning is recommended. Fleece can be a magnet for pet hair so be sure you have a lint roller around the house.
  • Leather and Suede. Not only do leather and suede look stylish, it keeps you warm on chilly winter days and nights. Both fabrics require special care that you can get at your local DELIA'S Cleaners.
  • Down. Heading to the snow? A down coat or vest is a lightweight and incredibly warm solution. Our specialized cleaning processes at DELIA'S Cleaners will not only safely clean your down clothing, but leave it fluffy and like new.

Always read the care label on your winter coats and jackets. If it says dry clean only, bring it to any of DELIA'S Cleaners 19 locations. We are ready to keep you looking your best in whatever winter coat or jacket you choose.