Absolutely. Laundering and dry cleaning both cleanse clothes and other items. While both processes have their purposes, dry cleaning is better for clothes, especially delicate items, than conventional washing in a machine.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning Clothes
  • Contrary to the belief of some, frequent cleaning does not damage clothes. In fact, it extends the life of a garment by removing stains and ground-in dirt and soils.
  • Dry cleaning prevents yellowing. Frequent cleaning removes stains that, if left untreated, could oxidize. Oxidation is a chemical change that alters the fabric, turning it to a permanently changed color. Exposure to heat or the passage of time causes stains from food, beverages, and other oily substances to oxidize. As a result, they turn yellow or brown, much the way a peeled apple turns brown after exposure to air. Once they become yellow or brown, these stains become much more difficult to treat and often cannot be removed.
  • Our professionals use complex stain removal processes. Different stains require different treatments, which stain removal technicians are trained to administer. Why risk a disaster using an over-the-counter -�all-purpose-� stain removal product or trying a -�home remedy-� when you could rely on our expert stain removal abilities?
  • Thanks to special pressing equipment, professional finishing gives garments a crisp, wrinkle-free, like-new appearance that can't be beat. There are no rumples or creases out of place. Plus, by taking your clothes to DELIA'S Cleaners, you don't have to spend your weekend standing over an ironing board and a hot iron.

Dry cleaning garments and household items can enhance your lifestyle and make a positive difference. At least, that's what we hear from our customers.