Like most errands, people try to minimize their trips to the dry cleaners, no matter how pleasant. However, visiting DELIA'S Cleaners more often actually can be a very smart strategy as regular dry cleaning pays off in many ways. Without a doubt, wearing clothes that are fresh and neatly pressed helps you look good and feel positive. This boost can help you face even the most difficult day.

They say, -�clothes make the man (and woman),-� and first impressions can make a significant difference in business and social settings. You never know when a new opportunity or social event may come along. By keeping your clothes fresh and expertly cared you will always be ready for any opportunity.

For most of us, building a wardrobe we love can be quite an investment. Proper care, just like caring for a home or car, will protect it and help it last a long time. While you should always follow care label instructions, here are the minimum guidelines on how often clothes should be cleaned. At DELIA'S, we recommend cleaning most items after every wearing. At a minimum, follow these guidelines.

Minimum Cleaning Requirements
  • Dry clean these items after wearing once: blouses, laundered shirts, polo shirts, evening wear, tuxedos
  • Take these items to DELIA'S Cleaners after wearing once or twice at the most: dresses, skirts, pants/khakis, silk sweaters, dress pants
  • Dry clean these items after wearing two or three times or more often: suits, sport coats/blazers, woolen items, cotton sweaters
  • Clean outer wear monthly or more often and once before and after storage

At DELIA'S Cleaners, we know that your time is valuable so we do everything we can to make your visit more efficient. We have drive-thru and car hops at many locations in addition to our walk-in service. All of our 20 locations are open seven days a week with extended hours. And, if you need it quickly, we offer same day service Monday through Saturday for clothes dropped off by 9:00 a.m. Finally, our ValueClub members enjoy Express Check-in and Check-out, special offers, notifications when your order is ready, and much more. Most important, our cleaning professionals are clothing care experts who know exactly how to treat your clothes so they last as long as possible.

With all this from DELIA'S Cleaners, protecting your clothing investment is easier than ever.