We are well into winter, which means we are all bundling up in cozy winter coats to keep the elements at bay and to stay nice and warm. Your coat attracts stains and odors while protecting you from the elements. The best way to remove these is dry cleaning.

Types Of Coats


Fur coats contain special oils that provide the glossy shine you love. That same shine acts like a magnet that attracts dust, making your beautiful coat looking drab. Bring your fur coat to Tide Cleaners and DELIA’S Cleaners during the spring or in early summer. Dry cleaning eliminates any dust or dirt from wear and protects it while it’s in storage.


Winter coats with down need special care in order to provide the reliable warmth that makes them so popular. Tossing your down-filled coat into the washer is likely to displace the down and negatively impact its ability to keep you warm. Letting Tide Cleaners or DELIA’S Cleaners handle the job for you, on the other hand, keeps the down safe and your coat looking great year after year.


Dry clean a wool coat at the end and the beginning of the coldest months of the year. When the weather starts to warm up, store your wool coat in a garment bag. This protects it from insects like moths.

Suede and Leather

Like fur, a leather coat has oil that provides a nice sheen. Professionally cleaning suede and leather ensures this oil doesn't wash. In addition to dulling the natural shine, home detergents may weaken the material, making it more prone to tearing. Clean your suede and leather coat at least twice a year on a consistent basis. The longer the time between cleaning, the more difficult it is to safely remove layers of dirt and stains.

For more ideas on winter coat care, ask the professionals at Tide Cleaners or DELIA’S Cleaners.