What To Wear On An AirplaneAs clothing care experts, we automatically think about what we would wear on the adventures our customers tell us they are about to take. And, they seem to go virtually everywhere, from trips to the East Coast, European vacations, business travel to New York, and safaris in Africa. 

While pretty much everyone thinks about what to pack, very few think about what to wear on an airplane – even though it can impact how the day turns out. This is especially true if you are traveling from one climate to another, if you are going to be on a plane with an overzealous air conditioner or stuck in a stuffy cabin, or sitting on the tarmac. We can help!

Mens Wear

Gentlemen, travel in general, and most of all in summer is more comfortable when you wear:

  • Sneakers 
  • A T-shirt
  • Nice jeans
  • A hooded sweatshirt or pullover
  • A hat

Women’s Wear

Ladies, your list is almost the same! Try these items:

  • Sneakers
  • T-shirt or tank top
  • Jeans, a slim skirt, or loose pants (full skirts always result in TSA scanning)
  • A light sweater or jacket 
  • A small purse

Straightforward, right? Here are a few more tips.

  • Layer your clothing so you can add or subtract based on the temperature fluctuations in your environment or between your starting point and your destination.
  • Comfort counts! While skinny jeans with no give may look nice, you’ll be screaming to get out of them after a long flight. Even if you have a short flight, you can never predict delays.
  • Think TSA – pick simple outfits and shoes you can easily take off and put on during security clearances.

Once you return, bring all your well-traveled clothes to DELIA’S Cleaners so they are ready for your next adventure.