What could you possibly give to a woman who is devoting her life to you and her newborn children? How can you pick a Mother's Day gift that would measure up to all she's doing? It's a daunting task. Hint: it's not candy or time with the kids. And, it's not breakfast in bed, which typically means the comforter has to be taken to DELIA'S Cleaners for cleaning!

What Mom's Want

Mom's want the day off according to a poll published in the Huffington Post. Most of all  they want to  sleep. Their second choice -" being pampered, and third, eating dinner out with their husband.  

They desire sleep. They want lang, uninterrupted sleep. Moms want to take naps -" many of them. They want to go out to their favorite store and shop. Or, they want to head to the spa or nail salon. Or perhaps they want you to take the kids out so they can curl up with a good book, alone. And, to end the day, they want you all to come home to give their kids a sweet kiss goodnight, while avoiding the bedtime chaos.

Moms don't want to cook or be cooked for (cooking means cleaning). They don't want to do dishes or laundry. Moms don't want to break up fights, refill milk cups, change diapers, or get up with the kids in the middle of the night.

So, to all the new dads out there wondering what to do this year, give your wife a quiet bedroom, an uninterrupted shower, and a nice dinner out. In essence, give them a real day for mom. Oh, and a lovely vase of flowers, ready to enjoy, could be the icing on the cake.