At DELIA'S Cleaners, customer service is our top priority. We start by centralizing the location of our cleaning plant so when you come to drop off your order, you walk into a clean, air conditioned, quite environment. This, along with our automated systems, minimizes the activity in our stores. It allows our associates to focus primarily on you, our valued customers.

But, what happens after you drop off your order?

Prepping for the PlantOur associates follow a clearly defined process to ensure everything is ready when our drivers come to pick-up orders from the store. This ensures that every item is cleaned to your specifications and delivered back on time. When you come in, an associate will greet you. They prepare what we call a -�quick ticket-� as you drop off your order. Once you leave, the associate adds specific details and instructions to the ticket. This minimizes the time you to spend in the store. We know you are usually stopping on your way to other destinations.

Our associates then tag special items with color coded G Marks. These colored strips provide special instructions, the number of pieces in the order, the due date and other information. Each G Mark correlates to the customer's invoice. These strips ensure that the professionals at the plant know exactly what to do with every piece in the order. They also help us make sure that everything is returned together.


Our associates  unbutton every button on every shirt. This includes collars and cuffs. They lay the shirts on top of each other, bundle them and put them into a brightly colored bag. Each store has a bag of a different color for easy identification. The associates inspect garments for stains or repairs, mark them before adding to the bag for pickup. Finally, they add the invoice to the bag and place it in a bin for pickup.

When the driver arrives, he checks each bag against the pickup order for accuracy. He loads the van and heads to the plant. All the information is entered into our computerized system and tracked at every step of the cleaning process through delivery back to the store and to you, our customers.

This is just one example of how DELIA'S Cleaners invests in the latest industry processes and technology to ensure that every customer experience is exceptional.