Federal laws require manufacturers to list at least one method of cleaning, even though a garment may be cleaned many ways. That's why most care labels are similar.

DELIA'S Cleaners: Care Labels-�Dry Clean Only or Dry Clean For Best Results-� labels indicate the need to use a professional cleaner, like DELIA'S Cleaners. Wool, silk and acetate fabrics are most appropriate for dry cleaning as well as knit suits and most sweaters. Also, any fabric trimmed in suede or leather, or embellished with beads, pearls, rhinestones or sequins. If the item may be cleaned by varying from a normal dry cleaning process, the care label must provide specific instructions.

While garments labeled -�Machine Wash-� can be cleaned at home, a professional dry cleaner's processes protect the texture, reduce fabric wear and tear, and minimize color fading and bleeding.

-�Hand Wash-� labels specify that garments should be soaked and gently rinsed without machines or harsh detergents. Other information may include specific water temperature and drying requirements.

Sometimes a garment you've had dry cleaned may need a quick touch up. In that case, read the instructions before you -�Iron.-�   The label will indicate the iron or temperature settings, for example, -�Cool/Low Iron,-� -�Warm/Medium Iron,-� -�Hot Iron,-� -�Iron on the Wrong Side Only,-� -�Steam,-� -�Do Not Steam,-� -� Iron Damp.-�

Dry Cleaning Fun

Once in a while you may find a -�fun-� care label like one of these:

  • A list of symbols followed by, -�Or give it to your mother, she knows how to do it.-�
  • -�Can be washed by both men and women. #ShareTheLoad-�
  • -�Always wear me on a first date, you'll do awesome.-�
  • -�Made on Earth-�

For more, just search funny care labels online.

Whatever you do, don't remove care labels. Or, if you do, save them and note what garment goes with each. Bringing the care label in when you drop off your cleaning ensures that our professionals do the best job possible. At DELIA'S Cleaners, we've developed professional dry cleaning and laundering techniques to make sure clothes are gently cleaned, stains are treated and clothes are returned in pristine condition.