Ok, so your high school clothes rocked! But will they fit into your new college environment? If you aren't sure, consider these ideas on making a memorable impression at college all year.

From High School to College
  • Leave the high school themed T-shirts and sweats at home. Instead, sport some clothes that show your college colors, logo, and pride.
  • Pick a favorite outfit for early morning classes. Make it comfortable and stylish like leggings with a loose, cozy sweater for early morning classes.
  • Two dresses must be part of your wardrobe staple. Pick a classy, cute cocktail dress and a classic -�little black dress-� for school formals and off-campus events.
  • Another must have is a date night outfit. A stylish dress paired with a laid-back jacket is just the answer.
  • Skip the highest heels you have and find a pair of stunning, but versatile (and comfortable) shoes that work with most of the pieces in your wardrobe. Add two pairs of casual, comfy shoes, after all you'll be walking or biking nearly everywhere.
  • A small cross-body bag is ideal for evenings out. Be sure it's small enough so your outfit is the star, but large enough to hold everything you need -" a cell phone, money, your ID, keys, and make-up.
  • Update your wardrobe with pieces you'll need for the weather in your new city. Then, find outerwear that works in rain, snow or sun.   Don't forget the -�go with everything-� jacket. We suggest leather or denim.

Now that you've got a wardrobe plan, be sure you know how to care for these amazing clothes. And, if you're leaving the area, stop by DELIA'S Cleaners for tips on finding a dry cleaner in your new city. Best of luck on your new adventure!