Fight fashion crimes Fashion icon, Tim Gunn, has three pet peeves that he lists as his top fashion crimes that anyone can make. He originally only had two, but recently added a third, saying that they all go hand-in-hand.

  1. A lack of consciousness for silhouette, proportion and fit
  2. Trying too hard
  3. Clothing maintenance
The First of the Fashion Crimes:

Wearing clothes that are too big or small creates an unattractive silhouette that is out of proportion. Gunn says, -�Silhouette, proportion and fit are the keys to getting our fashion right. When I see a lot of people walking around in clothes that are just voluminous and they don't really think there's a problem. But there is.-� When silhouette, proportion and fit are in harmony, he believes that anyone will look fabulous.

The Second of the Fashion Crimes:

Listen to your intuition, he says. Too often people try too hard to be fashionable. When your gut tells you it's too much, it really is too much. Listen to your own voice and don't continue to add to what you are wearing. -�If something does not hit you as good, even if fashionable, don't wear it,-� he advises.

The Third of the Fashion Crimes:

About clothing maintenance, Gunn says, -�Clothing maintenance is about taking care of what we have responsibly. In some ways, that for me is probably the bigger crime. I don't even care how much it really cost, it doesn't matter. In fact, the less expensive it costs, the better care you should take of it because it won't be a high end textile and the construction will not be as good as far as how long it will last.-�

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