It's hot, hot, hot out there this summer, so who wants to run out of their cool, air-conditioned car to pick up or drop off dry cleaning? You don't have to! Tide Cleaners offers FREE carside service and drive-thru options at most of our 21 Valleywide locations.

Errands can bog down your whole day, especially if you have several stops to make all across town. After a long day at work (or worse - on a precious weekend) who wants to spend time hopping in and out of the car to get from point A to point B just to satisfy your to-do list?

Tide Cleaners offers carside service and drive-thru service so you can quickly cross your dry cleaning off the list and move on to your next errand.

You'll notice the unbeatable convenience of Tide Cleaners as soon as you arrive. No need to run your clothes into the store, our carside valet will handle your dry cleaning while you stay in your car. Or, you can pull up at our convenient drive-thru window and we will take care of you there. Inside, your clothes will be sent through our meticulous 7-point inspection where loose threads are tightened and cracked buttons are replaced at no additional cost.

Browse the full list of Tide Cleaners locations for details on each store's services and to find a location nearest to you.

Tide Cleaners is so much more than just a dry-cleaning service, check out our additional services and our Inner Circle Rewards program for member exclusives, and you'll understand why Tide Cleaners' quality service and exceptional convenience make us Phoenix-area's best dry cleaners.