Tide Cleaners is an official sponsor of the NFL. So, we are here to tackle your NFL Laundry Night dilemma! Whether laundry night is Tuesday, or any other day of the week in your house, trust Tide Cleaners to handle all of your cleaning needs. We have convenient, extended hours every day - including Sundays!

We believe quality and convenience are one in the same. That's why we've paired our 70 years of cleaning knowledge with car-side valet, 24-hour service and exclusive technology.

While we are the pros at cleaning, we are also your resource if you do decide to tackle your loads at home.

With football in the air this time of year, it's a good reminder that there is a right way to care for sports clothes. No matter what team you root for, I think we'd all agree we want everyone's uniform smelling fresh!

The Fall semester of the school year is well underway, and kids are playing sports like football, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, volleyball, and tennis. If your kids are bringing home dirty, smelly sports gear, you can minimize the mess by following our top tips for keeping sports clothes and equipment fresh and clean:

Keep it organized. First and foremost, you'll want to separate gear and clothes for each sport, as individual gear may need to be cleaned in a specific manner. For example, if one child is on the football team and another is on the soccer team, keep those shin guards and shoulder pads in separate piles so you can tackle each article separately.

Wash right away. Whether you're coming home from the gym or your kiddo just got home from practice, make sure to empty gym bags and put the dirty clothes in the laundry right away. It's best to wash everything as soon as possible so the smell doesn't settle. If you're planning to wash later, do your best to make sure everything is laid out - not crumbled in a pile - as bacteria loves to grow in moist places.

Pre-treat stains before washing. To avoid unwanted sweat stains, make sure you pretreat your sports clothes prior to washing. Turn the garment inside out, then pre-treat the underarm areas with Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then wash in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. For stubborn stains, you may need to soak the garment for several hours prior to washing. To combat odors, allow the gear to soak in cold water for 15 to 30 minutes, then wash with Tide Plus Febreeze Sport Active Fresh Liquid.

Cleaning sports equipment at home. You'll need to do a little bit of sorting, but there are many sports equipment items that can be easily washed in a standard clothes washer. Check labels when possible or ask your local sports shop about specific gear if you're not sure. Once you have the items sorted as to what can be washed in the washing machine and what can't, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Use the cool water setting and gentle cycle for most equipment.
  • If the gear has removable pads, take them out prior to washing. Scrub the pads with dish soap and warm water, rinse well, and allow them to dry completely.
  • Hang equipment or place outside to dry, and allow it to dry completely. Gear with internal padding may take a little longer to dry, so make sure you give yourself enough time.
  • Wash jerseys inside out after pre-treating stains.

When it's time to call the pros. If you've tried all our sports cleaning tips, but your gear still needs some extra TLC, consider bringing your items to a local Tide Dry Cleaner nearest you.

We have the expertise and tools to make sure all sports gear is clean for the big game - because our Laundry Night is every night of the week!