Winter is in full swing, and it's likely time to care for your outerwear. How often do you actually clean your outerwear? Outerwear is usually the largest, heaviest, thickest, and most expensive garments in our closets and we Arizonians wear it daily for just a few months of the year. Before you know it, spring will be upon us and we'll habitually toss our outer garments into storage for the next year's winter months, to the detriment of our outerwear.

Think for a moment how dirty outerwear can get: the pea coat you wear to dinners, the lighter jacket you wear to the gym studio, the fleece you wear outdoors, or even the ski clothes which get sweaty-� our outer garments are as active as we are, and we need to clean them regularly.

Ok, outerwear gets dirty and should be cleaned, but how do you clean something without using your home washer and dryer?

We at Arizona Tide Cleaners are the outerwear specialists and can wash your entire winter garment collection. Bring your outerwear to your local Tide Cleaners for a cleaning or any repairs, so your clothing is ready for the seasonal storage and the next winter season.


Stains happen and they're a mess to clean, especially if your garments can't be used by your home washer. If the stain's more persistent than the warm water and dish soap combo, don't stress. Your local Arizona Tide Cleaners can handle the toughest of stains, whether they come from a misplaced plate of spaghetti, a slip in the mud, or a loose coffee lid - we'll get your outerwear cleaned to perfection.


Outerwear is expensive, and we understand garment wear-and-tear from wearing the same favorite coat year-after-year. Have you noticed any loose strings on the hems or seams? Are there pilings which need to be removed? Does your ski jacket have a minor tear from a wild run? Don't invest in a new, pricey jacket because of wear-and-tear. Your local Arizona Tide Cleaners can help repair your outerwear, saving your jacket and your wallet.

Preparing for Storage

As we mentioned, too often we neglect to clean out outer garments before spring arrives and they end up in storage for year's winter months. Clothes need to be cleaned from this year's dirt, dust, and odors before being put into storage, so they're in tip-top shape for next season. Bring in your outer garments for a cleaning you can trust to maximize their lifespan for each upcoming winter season.

Dry cleaning outerwear will take as much time as your regular laundry or other typical dry cleaning garments, which is usually next-day! The next-day cleaning process is extremely efficient so you're never waiting on us for your clean outer garment, whether you're hitting the slopes or need the coat for a date or outing.