Tide is industry leader in innovation which is why Americans trust Tide. In fact, more than 40 million American households trust Tide®, making it the country's number one detergent. Now, partnering with GreenEarth®, all Tide Cleaners are using Tide Detergent and Tide Plus Downy to give your clothes a more powerful clean.

Using Tide Plus Downy liquid detergent, Tide Cleaners does more than just fight stains. With a touch of Downy fabric softener in each load, your clothes feel softer and smell fresher than ever before. Tide laundry detergent works in the wash cycle to help remove visible stains like dirt and grime, as well as invisible odors.

Constant innovations in fabric technology require new cleaning solutions. That's why Tide invests in research and development studies designed to come up with the most effective recipe of ingredients to fight stains. Commitment to excellence for our clients is what makes Tide the most effective and powerful detergent available.

Tide didn't become an award-winning household brand overnight. Tide has been on the market for 70 years and, during that time, the brand has been dedicated to continuous advancement and innovation, which is why you can trust Tide Cleaners Arizona to use the highest-quality products to take special care of your clothing and fabrics. In fact, all 21 of our Tide Cleaners locations throughout Metro Phoenix use top-of-the-line Tide products.

Find your closest Tide location on our Tide Cleaners official social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages which all have the handle @TideCleanersAZ.

Whether you need to remove stains, whiten clothes and household goods or brighten your clothes with the fresh scent of Febreze, Tide Cleaners has you covered.