Steps to Cleaning Your ClosetWe've heard that many of you want to support our Winter Wear Drive, but aren't sure where to start. To help, we put together these three steps on how to Clean Your Closet for Charity.

Step One: As you go through your closet, ask yourself these questions:
  • Have you worn the item in the last twelve months?
  • Does it fit?
  • Do you like how it looks on you?
  • Is it still in style or still your style? Do you feel confident wearing it?
  • If you were shopping right now, would you buy it?

If you answer -�no-� to one or more of these questions for any item, it should go into the donation pile.

Step Two: Double check.  Look at each garment in the donation pile and ask the following:
  • Are you keeping the item for sentimental reasons?
  • Did you wear it when you were married?

If you answer -�yes-� to either of these questions, consider bringing the item to DELIA'S Cleaners for heirlooming so your memories are carefully preserved.

  • Step Three: Inspect the remaining clothes.
  • Does the clothing have permanent, large, noticeable stains?
  • Do the clothes have tears or damage that is irreparable?
  • Can you see obvious -�wear-� areas where the fabric is damaged?

If the answer is -�yes-� to any of these questions, the garment may need to be discarded or recycled and used as rags.

Now, you are nearly ready to donate. Simply empty the pockets of any personal belongings and bring them to any of our 19 locations. We will be sure they are delivered to UMOM for use with our neighbors in need.