This year, instead of simply making New Year’s Resolutions, these tips will help you keep them. And, to be sure you look your best no matter what you resolve to do, check out our Clothing Care Resolutions below.

Keeping Resolutions

Set specific, quantifiable resolutions. Then, set mini-goals and target dates to accomplish them. For example, let’s say you resolve to find new activities for you and your family in the Phoenix area. First, decide how often you want to explore. Then, identify behaviors that will help you get there and look for tools that will help like, Visit Phoenix. Share your goals with others and ask them to support you. Change your behavior. For example, instead of trying to make plans at the last minute, set aside a day to plan an adventure each month. Track your progress.

Clothing Care Resolutions

  1. Read and follow labels.
  2. Air out, remove jewelry, empty pockets, and inspect for stains before putting clothes away.
  3. Use hair spray, perfume, and lotions before getting dressed.
  4. Dry clean matching sets at DELIA’S Cleaners, such as suits and sweaters, together.
  5. Take seasonal clothing to DELIA’S Cleaners for cleaning before storing.
  6. Dry clean comforters twice a year.