Clothing as giftsIt is the holiday season and a time for gift giving.   At some time in our lives we have all received clothes for the holidays, whether the traditional sweater, or socks and ties. While it is fun to shop for our own clothes, giving clothes as gifts can be a bit trickier. Before shopping, consider this advice.

Clothing Gift Tips
  • Do you know the recipient's style? What colors do they normally wear? Are there colors they avoid? What about prints? Pay attention to what they currently wear and where they currently shop. Do they have a favorite brand or store?
  • Do you know their size? Purchasing the right size clothing avoids the hassles of returns or the chance of giving an un-wearable gift.
  • Go shopping with them and observe what catches their interest. They may try on something they really like but cannot afford -" something you can go back and purchase later.
  • If the clothes are not correct, is the recipient local? Will he/she be able to return or exchange the gift easily?
  • Keep the receipts for possible returns or exchanges. When purchasing clothes for someone else, there are always the off chance that your selection is not on point.   Don't be offended if you asked for the receipt. Better yet, enclose a gift receipt.
  • Never give in to trends.   What might be appealing to you as a current fashion trend, may be very left base for your recipient. Stay with tried and true clothing items and avoid the current trends.

If you plan on purchasing clothing as a gift this holiday season, these hints will help you pick the right garment. Oh, and don't forget to include a gift card for DELIA'S Cleaners.