Manufacturers of home dry cleaning kits claim that they save money and are as effective as professional dry cleaners.

Sadly, this simply is not true.

Professional dry cleaners like DELIA'S Cleaners use specialized procedures, cleaning solutions and machines that are designed specifically to clean and remove stains from clothes. Our professionals are continually educated on new fabrics, care, processes and other information essential to delivering the best results.

Every single item brought to DELIA'S Cleaners is carefully inspected to determine the best approach for its specific needs. Our professionals look at the fabrics, the construction, ornamentation, colors, dirt and stains. Of course, they also read the care labels, which have symbols representing specific information about the garment and its care. Our experts will ensure that natural fibers don't shrink, distort or lose their sheen. Home cleaning kits can't provide such assurance.

With home dry cleaning kits, all fabrics are treated equally, which can cause unnecessary wear or damage. In addition, stain removal is left to the consumer, who typically has little knowledge about the science of stain treatment. Stains from different sources like oils, protein and other bases require different approaches. If the wrong one is used, the stain can set permanently.
Dry cleaning is supposed to add a finish to garments. But most home dry cleaning kits fail to do this. On the other hand, finishing is standard when you bring your garments to DELIA'S Cleaners. We return crisp, wrinkle-free clothes where no crease is out of place.

While it may seem like professional dry cleaning is more expensive, when you consider the excess wear and tear on your clothes, the potential for permanent damage and the extra time you have to spend, home dry cleaning kits quickly lose their apparent value.