People are always surprised to discover they've left something in their pockets when they dropped off their clothes at DELIA'S Cleaners. Yet it happens more than you might think. Of course, every item we find is returned in a special protective bag, labeled with our customer's name and order number to ensure they are all promptly returned.

Out of curiosity, we asked our store associates what some of the most interesting things were that they've found. You can imagine that people leave some ordinary and interesting items. Most often we find keys, ticket stubs (once from a performance by Cher in Las Vegas), an iPod, pens, candy wrappers and similar items.

Some of the more interesting finds include:

  • A -�Best Man-� speech that was both funny and touching according to the store associate who found it and then bagged it for the customer.
  • A bride's garter that was apparently caught at a wedding reception.
  • Note cards for a speech to be given by a member of the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Scary Halloween masks.
  • Scorpions and spiders (we didn't bag these for return!).

At DELIA'S Cleaners, we encourage all our customers to go through all pockets before bringing clothes in for cleaning. But don't worry, if you forget, we've got you covered.