Summer Stain removal


Summer is not always filled with fun and games, especially when it comes to your clothes. In fact, it can be downright dangerous! Many warm-weather products actually are harmful to your clothes. As long as you are careful to keep them off your clothing, you'll be safe. We put together a brief list to help you protect your summer clothes, with products to watch out for and how to use them without damaging your clothes.

Summer Clothing Care
  • Deodorant and antiperspirants can cause fiber damage and yellowing. The aluminum chloride in these products weakens fibers in cotton, linen, rayon, and some synthetic blends, causing holes when cleaned. Always put these products on before dressing and allow them to dry completely. Dry clean your clothes often and never let them sit in your closet for weeks.
  • Dyes and oils found in sun tan lotions and sun blocks can stain clothing. As such, most stains from tinted lotion or block show up on clothing. If you use clear lotions, you may not be aware of the damage until it's too late. The simplest way to prevent these stains is to follow the directions on the bottle and allow the lotion to dry completely before putting on any garments. Additionally, wash and dry your hands after applying the lotion and before touching your clothes.
  • Self-tanning lotions discolor just about anything they touch because they are basically a dye for your skin. Most often, they cause beige, brown, or yellow stains on the cuffs, neckline, and top button areas of clothes. Follow the instructions and wash your hands immediately when finished applying the lotion. Let your lotion dry completely before getting dressed. Test your skin with a tissue to make sure it is dry. If any product gets on your clothes, bring it to DELIA'S Cleaners as soon as possible. Don't rub, blot, or wash the stain with water or home remedies, as this may permanently set the stain.
  • While insect repellents typically contain alcohol that can cause color loss or change on synthetic fabrics such as rayon and acetate. Avoid all products with alcohol to help prevent accidental damage. Read the instructions on the bottle completely, especially if you plan to spray your clothing.
  • Chlorine from pools, spas, and hot tubs can damage the spandex used in swimwear, unless you have purchased chlorine resistant swimwear. It also tends to fade the colors.   As soon as you leave the pool, spa, or hot tub, rinse your suit in cold water to wash out the chlorine residue. Wash your swimwear following the care label and avoid using fabric softener.   Air dry your swimwear as heat is also an enemy of spandex.

If you are concerned about stains or damage from any of these summer clothing dangers, bring your clothes in to DELIA'S Cleaners. Let our cleaning professional know what you think may have caused the problem and where the stain is likely to be. Remember that the sooner you bring your clothes for treatment, the greater the chance of successfully restoring your clothing.