Announcement: St. Patrick's Day is bringing extra good luck to all you Arizona Tide Cleaners customers!

While you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day, mark your calendars as March 23 will bring more good luck as Arizona Tide Cleaners is planning a special announcement. What about? Well, we can't share details just yet, but we can tell you that it will 'freshen' up your life!

Big hint: Imagine having that oh-so-fresh feeling all day, every day-�

Speaking of fresh, did you know this Thursday is the first day of spring? Feels early, doesn't it? In 2020, the spring equinox falls on Thursday, March 19, which is earlier than it's been in the past 124 years!

Given our reputation as the best dry cleaners in Arizona, Arizona Tide Cleaners is offering you a few tips to 'spark some joy', as the KonMari Method suggests by organizing your closet.

Here are a few tips for tackling your closets:

1. Determine what to keep

A good place to start is with your basics, the everyday pieces you normally wear. Create two piles of clothes to keep and to giveaway. Separate clothes by denim, plain sweaters, basic t-shirts, leggings, and tank tops. A good rule of thumb when debating if you should keep an item or not is to ask yourself, "have I worn this piece in the past year?" If not, its time to let it go on to its next home by placing it in the giveaway pile.

2. Choose pieces for donation

Once you've determined what you are going to giveaway, decide where to drop off the pile. Goodwill is an excellent option for clothes that are a couple of seasons out of style, whereas items like professional wear can be donated to organizations like Dress for Success Phoenix, who offers professional attire at an attainable price.

You may have nicer, designer clothes in your closet that you want to giveaway but may still hold cash value. My Sister's Closet is a great option for fashion consignment with locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale to sell your giveaways!

3. Organize your closet

Now that you have your 'keep pile' determined, identify winter apparel that you plan on storing. In both cases, it's recommended to use our dry cleaning or Wash and Fold services before storing away winter clothes. This ensures that current stains don't set in and that your garments are fresh for use when you take them out of storage.

We have exciting news coming your way this month. Stay tuned with our social media channels for the latest updates and our freshest announcement yet on March 23 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages which all have the handle @TideCleanersAZ.