Spring is here - finally! And, with it comes spring cleaning, let’s face it, we all have a list of things to clean during this season. But, many lists don’t include important household items like the ones below. The good news is, their care is best left to the experts at Tide Cleaners!


Think about how many hours every pillow in your home is used every day. Isn’t it time to give these hard-working pieces some TLC? Whether for sleeping, relaxing or decoration, dry clean your pillows at least twice a year. Tide Cleaners makes sure your pillows come back clean and fluffy - perfect for a good night’s sleep or some needed R&R.


Curtains frame your life and set the tone for different rooms in your home, from formal to playful, or calming to luxurious. Curtains also capture dust, dirt and allergens that can seep through windows even when they are closed. And, because of their size, they are an ideal home for dust mites. Dry cleaning your curtains in spring (and fall) brighten your rooms and keep your air fresh and clean.

Comforters and Bedding

There is nothing better than a freshly cleaned, fluffy comforter for a good night’s sleep! Spring is one of the best times to bring in comforters and duvet covers for a deep clean. But, like suits, it is important to bring all matching pieces of a bedroom set in for cleaning at the same time. This includes comforters, duvets, shams, dust ruffles and curtains. Cleaning them together helps keep the colors equally bright for a uniform look.

Couch Covers

Whether a slip cover or removable seat covers, spring cleaning helps remove stains and dirt from every day wear. Where possible, bring every piece of the couch cover in for cleaning at the same time. This helps preserve the overall look.

Tide Cleaners will check these items off your Spring Cleaning list with one simple visit. So, get out and enjoy spring and leave the cleaning to us.