Ever feel like you have nothing to wear as you stare at a closet full of clothes? That’s a sign it is time to ‘spring clean’ your closet. An annual spring cleaning makes your favorite outfits easier to find and gives you room for new styles. No time? Try these speed-cleaning tips so your wardrobe is ready for anything.

Devote a day to clean your entire closet. Or, if that’s too much, pick a weekend. Clean in stages, first attack your clothes, then shoes, and finally your accessories. Take everything out of your closet. Sort it into piles by type - dresses, skirts, shirts, shoes, scarves, purses, etc. Sort these into six groups:

  1. Oldies but goodies - pieces you’ll never part with.
  2. New and never worn - yet!
  3. Faves that need cleaning or repair - your go-to pieces that need a little TLC.
  4. Donate - gently used but still have life.
  5. Recycle or reuse - not donation-worthy but could have other uses.
  6. Beyond redemption - too late for anything but the trash.

Now, put the keepers away or take them to Tide Cleaners for cleaning and repair. Pack the donations up and take to your favorite nonprofit or schedule a pickup. Put the recycle and reuse pile somewhere you can find them easily. And, discard those that can’t be redeemed.

That’s it, you are wardrobe-ready for anything.

Tip: When hanging your clothes, put the hangers in backwards so the opening is in the front. Then, after you wear an item, hang it up normally. At the end of a year, you might want to donate any clothes with a hanger that hasn’t been turned. These are pieces you have never worn in the past year!