All items that come into any Tide Cleaners and DELIA’S Cleaners store in Phoenix, Arizona metro area are inspected at seven different points for quality. The inspection points are spread throughout the cleaning process and cover detailing, cleaning, pressing and assembly. Every associate knows our Seven Points of Inspection process and can complete an inspection at each quality checkpoint.

  1. Drop-off: Here, we inspect all items carefully and review them with each customer. Our customer service team notes special instructions for cleaning and customer concerns and enters them into the system.
  2. Check-in: Our check-in station is a detailed inspection space where we identify any stains that may have been overlooked at Drop-off. In addition to stains, our experts look for damage, missing or cracked buttons, and other items that may be an issue that customers need to know.
  3. Sorting: At this station, we divide clothes into groups based on specific cleaning instructions, such as starch or no starch, as well as by dark and light colors.
  4. Pre-press: After dry cleaning and washing dress shirts, our team checks them meticulously to ensure each meets our stringent cleaning standards.
  5. Pressing: At this station, we check every garment individually while it is pressed.
  6. Final Inspection: Before preparing items to return to customers, our team conducts one final inspection. Then, for dress shirts, we close the third button to indicate it has passed inspection and is ready to wear.
  7. Assembly and Delivery: In our last step we prepare each individual order in bags or boxes based on customer preference. Once assembled, we return them to customers ready to wear.

At Tide Cleaners and DELIA’S Cleaners in Phoenix, Arizona, we value quality workmanship and service. That’s why we developed and use our Seven Point Inspection system on every item. We know from experience that these seven steps will help us help you look your best.