Kevin Dieker joined DELIA'S Cleaners as facilities manager in March 2015. His association with company date back to 2010 when he worked as a technician for the company that provided DELIA'S Cleaners refrigeration service.

Kevin from DELIA'S CleanersKevin is the backbone of our plants' management and operations.   On a daily basis, he manages the companies who provide and service our facilities and cleaning equipment, ensuring that the machines are kept in prime condition so our service and quality remain exceptional. Kevin is also responsible for our information technology and computer networks. His diligence in maintaining our systems makes certain that your order is tracked from start to finish, and that your account is accessible at any of our 18 DELIA'S Cleaners locations.

After working as a vendor supporting DELIA'S Cleaners, Kevin chose to join us because, as he says, -�DELIA'S Cleaners as an established company with tremendous potential for growth.-� He also said that working with Mr. Delia had shown him that DELIA'S Cleaners fostered an intelligent, friendly and respectful environment, three things he likes most about working here.

Kevin believes that DELIA'S Cleaners focus on the environment makes it fairly unique among dry cleaners. As a refrigeration technician, he had the opportunity to work with many different dry cleaners and found DELIA'S Cleaners to be -�in a class alone and above-� all others when it comes to green cleaning.

Kevin wants DELIA'S customers to know that he and his team are committed to doing their part to meet every customer's expectations for quality, safety and environmental responsibility.