Gloria has worked at DELIA'S Cleaners as a store associate for over two years, most recently at the Kierland location. Gloria loves getting to know her customers. She makes a personal effort to get to know each one by name. In fact, Gloria  usually can identify a customer in the drive-thru by their cars or pets. She makes every effort to bring their dry cleaning with her when she first greets them. Gloria also knows her customers' preferences so when they drop off cleaning, she can anticipate their needs and speed them on their way.

DELIA'S Cleaners' Gloria-�I know people don't have time to spare, so if I can save them even a few minutes, I know they appreciate it,-� she says.

Most of Gloria's  customers use the drive-thru, but some come inside more for the conversation than just to pick up their cleaning. This gives her a chance to get to know people from all walks of life. She has helped a diverse range of customers in her career with DELIA'S Cleaners including former governor Jan Brewer, whose security team brings in her clothes. Another customer is Erzuwah who comes in each morning and asks for help in coordinating outfits and other fashion advice. And then there is Mr. Shortsleeves, whom she wants to adopt as her grandfather.   She always greets him with a cheery, -�Good morning Mr. Shortsleeve.-�   He always replies, -�Good morning Glory.-� He brings her warm cocoa on cool mornings. Gloria has worked with loyal families -" brothers, sisters, parents and kids -" who come in regularly, year after year.

Experiences at DELIA'S Cleaners

When Gloria first started with DELIA'S Cleaners, she was surprised and delighted to learn how seriously people take their clothing. She didn't know how particular they are about the way  they look. She believes that the consistently high cleaning and service they receive is the reason so many keep coming back to DELIA'S Cleaners. Gloria  says, -�We treat their clothes as if they were our own!-�

Her best advice for customers is to avoid putting hangers into their ValueClub bags. She warns  that they can snag or tear clothes.

Gloria is one of our many outstanding store associates who go beyond what's required to provide exceptional customer service and make bringing dry cleaning with DELIA'S Cleaners an enjoyable experience. It's no wonder so many of her customers tell us, -�You are the reason we come back.-�