Your bedroom is your personal retreat. It is a place of comfort that reflects your individual and distinctive taste. It is a room where you've invested time and money to get the exact look and feel you love. That's why it's so important to keep your in-home oasis clean and looking good. So, for the entire month of July, Inner Circle Rewards members at Tide Cleaners in Arizona receive 40% off dry cleaning services for bedding!

Here's what you need to know to get your bedroom 'rise and shine' ready:

Dry clean matching bedding and window treatments at the same time; that way, if there is any color loss, it happens simultaneously. Color loss typically occurs because of the stability of the dyes and the material of the items, not because of the cleaning process.

In addition, clean these bedding ensemble items together:

  • Comforters, shams, pillowcases, duvet covers and matching blankets

Clean all bedding ensembles once each season to eliminate the dust and dirt. This is important even if they do not come into direct contact with your skin. Frequent cleaning extends the life of your bedding and keeps your room looking beautiful.

Read the care labels before cleaning at home. Some sets require dry cleaning. If washing at home, use Studio by Tide laundry detergent on silk and lace items. It is specially formulated to provide delicate care that protects the color and fabric, even in a cold wash. For less sensitive-fabrics, you can also opt for any of the Tide liquid detergent or laundry pac varieties. For details, visit our website or ask the experts at Tide Cleaners.