Winter Clothes StorageSpring is here and that means it is time to put away your winter clothing for the season. Here are a few quick tips to ensure that your cold weather wardrobe will be protected and ready for use next fall.

Whether you use storage bins, a spare closet or a storage room, the first thing to do is clean it out. Vacuum every area to remove any dust or debris. You might want to wipe down all the surfaces with a cleaning wipe, which ensures that the surface is completely clean.   Once everything is completely dry, you are ready to pack things away. While time consuming, cleaning and drying storage areas thoroughly will save you time and effort and, additionally, may save your clothing.

Preparing Clothing for Winter Storage
  • Dry clean or wash all your garments you intend to put into storage. This will remove dirt or food particles that attract insects. It also removes any other natural or synthetic soil that can cause problems.
  • Sweaters should be folded neatly. Use thick wooden hangers for heavy winter coats. Be sure to zip or button them to lessen wrinkles.
  • Scarves and gloves should be dry cleaned like all other garments. Put matching mittens and gloves together and store them in a plastic garment bag with other garments.
  • Remove all dirt, mud, salt or other detritus from boots and shoes. Take the time to oil leathers and apply a coat of water sealant as well. Store shoes and boots upright.

We don't recommend using mothballs to drive away insects. Mothballs contain toxic chemicals and can be dangerous to pets or children. Instead, use a chunk of cedar wood to freshen and drive away insects.

After you store you winter wear, be sure to unpack and bring your spring and summer wardrobes to DELIA'S Cleaners. It's always best to properly clean stored clothes before wearing them.