Proper clothing care and storage are two of the most important steps in extending the lifetime of garments and household linens. These tips will ensure your items are stored properly so they can be used for years to come.

  1. Before storing any items, be sure they are clean and stain-free. Bring your dry cleaning to DELIA'S Cleaners.
  2. Select a storage area with moderate, constant temperatures and humidity. Ideally temperatures should stay around 75 degrees F, and humidity should remain under 55 percent.
  3. Use breathable, fabric garment bags and hang your clothes using proper hangers.
    1. Plastic tubular hangers provide minimal support for tightly woven lightweight shirts and blouses.
    2. Padded, shaped, suit hangers are ideal for sheer fabric blouses, dresses, jackets, suits and tailored garments.
    3. Traditional hangers with a large, rounded, horizontal bar are useful for folded slacks or pants.
  4. Fold and store sweaters, knitwear, stretchy clothing or delicate and fragile apparel in flat containers. Always stack folded garments with the heaviest on the bottom.
  5. Sort garments by color and leave enough space between each to prevent wrinkles and fume fading.

After you remove your clothes from storage, let them air out in an open area for at least a day.   Check to see if they need additional cleaning or minor repairs. If so, bring them to DELIA'S Cleaners where our professionals can help put the life back into virtually any garment.