Out With Summer; In With Fall & WinterSeasonal changes bring wardrobe changes and for many that means packing and unpacking seasonal clothing. These tips from Tide Cleaners will help you keep organized for each season, and ensure your clothes last for years.


Before you dry clean and pack everything from summer and spring away, take time to evaluate your clothing. Does it fit you like a dream? Do you love the cut and color? Do you wear it at least twice a season? If so, keep it; if not, consider donating it.

Clean Your Closet.

Vacuum your closet and watch for signs of insects. Be sure that the closet or area is free of dust, other insects, crumbs, or food and beverage stains on your clothing, which can attract pests.

Clean Your Clothes.

Clean clothing resists pests. In addition, invisible stains can oxidize in storage and become permanent stains. Launder or dry clean each item. Avoid using bleach, fabric softener, sizing, or starch. These items tend to attract insects. Remove dry cleaning bags to avoid trapping moisture that can cause mildew.

Avoid Cardboard.

Cardboard can break down and attract insects. Use plastic containers with lids that allow some airflow. Store these in a cool, dry location, no basements or attics.

Preserve Heirlooms.

Before storing items long term — such as wedding dresses, baby clothing — have them dry cleaned and professionally preserved.