shutterstock_276614204Happy New Year!

A new year means that it is time to think about how we want to change and improve our lives in the coming months. To help, the professionals at DELIA'S Cleaners put together a list of resolutions that will help keep your wardrobe looking its best. We encourage all of you to keep these resolutions in 2017.

New Year's Clothing Resolutions

In 2017, I resolve to:

  • Keep clothing care labels on my clothes and follow their instructions to ensure the best care.
  • Dry clean all pieces of an outfit together to avoid uneven color loss.
  • Store seasonal clothing in proper packaging with good ventilation, moisture control and low light exposure to keep them safe and fresh.
  • Let deodorant, perfume, sprays, after shave, lotions, etc., dry before dressing to avoid stains.
  • Put make up on after dressing to protect clothing.
  • Bring clothes with stains to DELIA'S Cleaners as soon as possible for the best treatment.
  • Group  clothes of the same colors together to avoid fume fading in your closet.
  • Hang clothes loosely in the closet to prevent wrinkles.
  • Bring clothes to your local DELIA'S Cleaners for expert and prompt care.

Keeping these resolutions will help your wardrobe last throughout 2017 and hopefully, for years to come. We look forward to helping you with your clothing care needs throughout 2017.