It seems like your colleague never wears the same clothes twice! How can that be? It's simple, they've built an Interchangeable Wardrobe (IW) using just about 14 different pieces of clothing and some basic accessories!

Owning an IW means that every piece of clothing in your closet  works with nearly every other item. Aside from never wearing the same outfit twice, there are other advantages to the IW. Owning less clothing means less clutter, more money to spend on quality items, and less stress because -�nothing matches!-�

Every IW focuses on three principles: fit, quality, and matching.


It goes without saying -" almost -" that clothes must fit well. This means you must know your measurements and sizes before you shop. This information makes shopping less painful, builds confidence, saves time, and helps you find the brands that fit you best.


With an IW, you focus on quality not quantity. You can buy clothes made from the best fabrics, with perfect stitching, and designed for durability. Here are the 14 pieces you'll need:

  • 2 jackets
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 3 pairs of pants or skirts
  • 5 shirts or blouses
  • 2 ties or scarves

First, purchase your jackets and shoes. These are the first pieces others notice and usually the most expensive items. Stick to neutral colors like navy, gray, and olive for jackets, and black or brown for shoes.

Second, buy pants and/or skirts. Look for durable, high quality fabrics for both casual  and dress pieces. Investing in quality fabrics ensures they will withstand the rigors of day-to-day use.

Third, buy shirts and blouses in different shades of light blues and whites, which are most versatile. Solids are the best choice, but slight patterns are acceptable. Over time, and as your budget allows, double the number of shirts or blouses from the original five to 10.

Finally, purchase ties or scarves in darker, complementary colors and prints. Lighter ties and scarves are less easily matched.

Accessories are the icing on the cake after you  complete the IW shopping list. This may include brown and black belts; a quality watch; a matching gold or silver earrings, necklace, and bracelet set, and dress socks.


Now the fun begins. Because you picked only colors, textures, patterns, and styles that match, you'll discover at least 120 different outfits from the 14 basic pieces in your IW.  Create different outfits that match your personal style. Try them on. Take pictures and create a photo library that you can reference on a daily basis.