HousecleaningHurray! Tomorrow is National No Housework Day -" a day where you do no housework. What could be better? Well, except for the fact that the housework still needs to get done. Most of us can't afford to let dishes, laundry, vacuuming, cooking and other chores slide for 24 hours. So, how can you indulge in this luxurious holiday without having to do double the work on Friday?

National No Housework Day: The Plan

Call in some reinforcements, plan ahead and prepare for resistance.

  • Get Help. Ask your kids and/or spouse to lend an extra hand. If they resist, tell them that National No Housework Day is a family celebration and that by helping out now, they can reap the rewards of pizza and couch time tomorrow! Wherever you can, delegate your chores to professionals like DELIA'S Cleaners or a local restaurant.
  • Prepare for emergencies. Cook ahead and freeze meals that can be warmed up. Pick -�finger food-� to avoid dishes. Or, order a pizza and make it a movie night.
  • Outsource -" did you know you can dry clean just about anything? It's true -" at least as far as fabric and related materials are all fair game. DELIA'S Cleaners can't get peanut butter out of computer, but otherwise we've got you covered.

Remember -" National No Housework Day is as real as you want it to be, and deep down, don't we all want a day without any housework? By following the three steps above and you'll be off to a relaxing (or at least cleaning free) day.