It's time to celebrate! Today is National No Housework Day!!!

Did you know that the average married American woman does 17 hours of housework per week? That's what a study at the University of Michigan found! We all know that housework is the last thing any of us wants to tackle after a long day at work, school or with the kids. And, of all housework, laundry is the least favorite chore.

Right in the middle of spring cleaning season, take a break. Bring your comforters, duvet covers, dust ruffles, pillow shams, table runners, tablecloths, cloth napkins and placemats to DELIA'S Cleaners. It's a smart, time-saving and even healthy move. Doctors and other health experts say that it is essential for people with busy lifestyles to find time for relaxation as it can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, reduce headaches and improve concentration.

So, today, skip the housework. Instead, try one of these relaxing activities:

  • Pamper. Head to the spa, try new skin treatments at home or simply take a long, leisurely bath.
  • Take a walk or go to a favorite spot and enjoy the scenery.
  • Play. Enjoy a favorite hobby, head to a museum, go to the park and act like a kid again or learn something new.
  • Eat out. Meet a friend or just head out and enjoy a lovely dinner by yourself. Or, order take-out and have a picnic outdoors for a cleaning-free family evening.

And, tomorrow, bring all your dry cleaning to one of DELIA'S Cleaners 18 valley locations. We're always nearby.