Peggy is  celebrating 13 years with DELIA'S Cleaners this November. She has worked as a store associate at five different locations. Currently, she works at the DC Ranch store, the second busiest location in the DELIA'S Cleaners family of stores. Everywhere she goes Peggy earns a reputation for her contagious smile, positive attitude and personal way of getting to know her customers. Without fail, she tells everyone who comes in the store, -�Have a super day.-�

Meet Peggy from the DC Ranch StorePeggy believes her job is about helping customers look and feel their best by caring for their clothes. She also knows how important it is to build relationships with customers, and she excels at it. Peggy loves talking to DELIA'S Cleaners' customers, getting to know about their lives and listening to their stories, which she finds fascinating, educational and entertaining. Her customers enjoy it, too. One customer brings Peggy her favorite coffee drink every day at 7:30 a.m. and hang around just to visit.

The worst stain she ever worked with was red wine. A waiter had spilled wine all over the customer's white shirt. By the time it came in, the stain had dried. Fortunately, the customer didn't try to get it out at home.   She sent it back to the plant twice to be sure every minute drop was removed before she returned it to the customer. After all, she says, -�Quality is the number one priority.-� Almost as much as red wine, Peggy dislikes colored candle wax because of the harsh dyes used for coloring.

Once in a while Peggy finds -�surprises-� when preparing newly dropped off clothes for the plant. -�Mostly it's small items that we bag and return with the completed order,-� she said. -�But one time I found a set of car keys. I immediately called the customer on her cell phone because I wanted to be sure she had a way to get into her home, office and car.-�

At DELIA'S, we encourage all our store associates to be proactive like Peggy. It's one more way we provide consistently high quality and customer service.