Contributed by UMOM

Del and her family entered UMOM's emergency shelter program eight days after she gave birth to her fourth child. Both she and her husband had lost their jobs and their family was sleeping on the floors of a friend's home during her ninth month of pregnancy.

Once at UMOM, Del focused on the employment program and soon was hired full-time by a local company. The full-time job made Del and her family eligible for UMOM's two-year transitional housing program. This program gave Del and her family the time and support needed to acquire the finances and skills to find permanent housing.


-�It's a combination of everything-� Del said. -�It is more than the programs they offer, it is the people that run the programs.-� The Child Development Center was there for Del as she began her full time job. She had peace of mind knowing her children were well taken care of. She also expressed her gratitude for the Phoenix Children's Hospital Crews'n Healthmobile. The attention and care from Dr. Christiansen gave her young daughter the chance to get healthy and grow into the little girl she is today.

Most important to Del is the fact that her children do not feel they were homeless in the UMOM environment. Del and her family now have a place of their own to call home. Her determination and the programs and support from UMOM made it happen.