Brittany joined the DELIA'S Cleaners family two and a half years ago as a sales associate. She was attracted to our company because we offered a flexible schedule, which allows her to work and spend time with her family.

If you've met her, you know that Brittany is a people person. She enjoys each of the relationships she's nurtured with her co-workers and her customers. -�I love talking to our customers and spend as much time as I can getting to them. I take pride in knowing them by name, of course, but also by their cars, clothes and even their favorite DELIA'S Cleaners candy! I think of my customers as part of my extended family.-�

Brittany shared some of her most memorable customer moments. -�One older gentleman always brings in the suit he wears to attend funerals. We talk about his wife and how much he misses her. It's difficult for him, but I feel like listening helps a bit,-� she said. -�Another, Mr. G., has a great sense of humor. One day he was picking up his cleaning when his daughter called. As they talked, he told her he was visiting his other daughter, meaning me!-�

One of thing that surprised Brittany about dry cleaning is the wide variety and types of stains that each need to be treated individually based on their chemical makeup. Knowing this, the one thing she would love every customer to do would be to bring stained items to DELIA'S Cleaner without having tried to treat clean them at home first. This can cause more damage than good.

All of us at DELIA'S Cleaners are delighted that Brittany is part of our team. We appreciate the passion she has for our customers and her delight in getting to know them as part of the extended DELIA'S Cleaners family.