Arizona's golfing roots run deep as the state has long been considered a mecca for golfers. The amicable climate easily make it a golfer's paradise year-round with some of the most breathtaking courses in the country, attracting players from around the world. Summertime in the Valley can, however, be brutal - not just for your backswing, but also for your golf shirts.

Not only are you likely to sweat more in the summer, but deodorant, sunscreen and bug spray come into play, too. All of these products seep into your shirt and can deeply penetrate the shirt's fibers, possibly causing permanent damage to your performance-wear if not laundered correctly soon after your day on the green.

While there are precautions you can take to launder your golf shirts at home, leave it to the experts. Tide Cleaners invites you to take advantage of our summer special for cleaned and finished shirts at only $3.99 per shirt - leaving you more time to work on that handicap.

If you are taking a break from the course, we have included tips on how to launder golf shirts (or any high-performance sportswear) at home. Many active-wear clothing items, golf shirts included, are made from fabrics specifically designed to keep you feeling cool, dry and comfortable even on the hottest summer days. Clothing material differentiate golf shirts from similar-style polo shirts, as many golf shirts are made from high-performance, moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics while polos are usually made of cotton. Keep these tips in mind when washing performance-wear golf shirts at home:

  1. Button Any Buttons - Buttoning the buttons below the collar aid in preventing the shirt collar from losing its shape.
  2. Turn it Inside Out - Follow this step especially if the shirt will be washed with other items. You can toss the shirt or shirts inside a mesh laundry bag to prevent discoloration between items.
  3. Color-Coordinate - As it is one of the 'golden rules' of doing laundry, color-sorting remains just as important when washing performance materials. Some synthetic fabrics bleed or absorb color more easily, depending on the quality of the fabric.
  4. Determine Detergent - Tide Plus Febreze Sport Odor Defense™ liquid detergent can be really helpful washing your golf shirts or other sportswear as it is designed to fight tough sports odors and stains like sweat, grass and dirt in one wash. This liquid detergent delivers a powerful clean that fights tough, set-in odors at their source and replaces them with the fresh scent of Febreze. Set the machine cycle to gentle and the water to cold temperature, then leave the items to wash. Tip: Do not use fabric softeners on your synthetic-made items. The special chemicals used in softener can ruin sweat-wicking properties of sports clothes.
  5. Air-Dry Performance Shirts - Synthetic clothing technology is tough when it comes to working hard to help you play your best round, game or match yet, but these fabrics can be sensitive when it comes to drying them. Since the quality of synthetic fabrics may vary across your golf shirt collection, it is better to err on the side of caution and avoid putting golf or other performance-wear in the dryer. Line dry or lay the shirts flat on a rack to dry - but be mindful to keep them out of direct sunlight as the heat can cause the fabric to deteriorate.
  6. But What About Wrinkles? - Since machine-drying is not a recommended option for performance-wear, you may notice golf shirts can be more susceptible to misshapen collars and wrinkles after air-drying. Just as the heat from the dryer and sun can damage golf shirts, pressing, steaming and ironing must be very carefully done (if at all) to prevent damage to the fabric as well. Once your shirt is dry, you can try placing the shirt on a hanger and letting it hang in your bathroom while the shower water runs hot and generates steam. If wrinkles persist, you can try steaming or ironing your golf shirt, but make sure you use an iron-safe buffer T-shirt or cloth in between the golf shirt and iron to avoid heat damage. Always test a steamer or iron on a small, out-of-sight section of your golf shirt before applying heat to the entire shirt. It might be a good idea to test steaming and ironing on a golf or performance-wear item you care less about than your 'lucky shirt.'

Above all, remember, you can skip the stress of these steps altogether and let Tide Cleaners tackle your golf shirts. We're offering a deal on cleaning and pressing each shirt for only $3.99 for a limited time at participating Tide Cleaners locations; so, if you want (or need) more time to work on your swing or lower your handicap between rounds, bring us your golf shirts sooner than later!

Give your go-to Tide Cleaners location a call to find out if they are participating in the golf shirts promotion before bringing your golf shirts in for cleaning.

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