DELIA'S Cleaners earned a reputation  for our exceptional quality dry cleaning. Even so, we offer a number of services you may not have tried. For example, we care for leather goods, offer clothing repairs, and complete minor alterations.

Leather Cleaning

Age, dirt, and use can diminish the natural appearance of leather and suede garments, by drying out the natural oils. As a result, they look old and worn. At DELIA'S Cleaners we give these garments a renewed look and exceptional treatment with our TLC cleaning process.

This process takes more time than our normal cleaning process, but leather and suede are investments that deserve special care. Because we use an extra fine conditioner and cleaners that remove soil and dirt from your garments. This process leaves your leather and suede items clean, soft, and supple. The process also replenishes the oils in your leather and suede items, preserving their natural appearance.

Alterations and Repairs

Minor Alterations at DELIA'S CleanersDo you need buttons replaced, a torn seam repaired or a hem shortened or lengthened? DELIA'S Cleaners provides expert minor alterations with meticulous craftsmanship. We promise to complete all alterations within two full business days. Every garment we alter is returned professionally cleaned and finished at no extra cost. For a complete list of the alteration services we offer, check your local DELIA'S Cleaners or visit our website.

You can learn more about our cleaning services on our website. At DELIA'S, we strive to meet your clothing care needs at every level.