No matter what the season, it is pure delight to crawl into bed and nestle under a warm comforter -" except when your comforter has lost it fullness. With, proper care, comforters can be clean, fluffy and comforting for years to come.

Most comforters have a cover, which is much easier to clean and, like a pillowcase, helps shield allergy sufferers from a buildup of dust and dirt. A cover also guards against oils that can break down the fabric of comforters and eventually cause the filling to leak. Decorative comforters do not require covers.

It's best to clean your comforter cover or decorative comforter every two to four weeks. Of course, if you spill something on it or if a pet jumps on it with dirty paws, have it cleaned immediately.

Your comforter, whether filled with goose down, lamb's wool or polyester fiberfill, should be cleaned by your neighborhood DELIA'S Cleaners three to four times per year -" or as the seasons change. Our cleaning professionals are trained to care for your comforter and ensure it comes back soft and ready for snuggling.

Between cleanings, run your comforter through your dryer's air cycle to rejuvenate it once or twice a month. This helps loosen matted filling. For a fresher scent, hang your comforter on a clothesline on a dry, breezy day.

If you want to store your comforter over warm summer months, be sure to have it cleaned at DELIA'S Cleaners first. Then wrap it loosely in a linen or canvas bag. Avoid plastic bags so your comforter can breathe. Store it in a cool, dry place. Keep it away from moisture, light and heat sources like lights or vents to avoid burns.

With meticulous care from DELIA'S Cleaners and proper storage, your comforter should last 10 to 20 years.