Golfers love to wear cool, comfortable clothes that flex with their bodies as they move through each powerful swing. And, there is little doubt that golfers also like to look their best on and off the course. Keeping your classic golf shirt looking its best is not always an easy task, especially after playing on a hot Arizona course.

For golf shirts think DELIA'S CleanersThat perfect fit, classic shine and well-laid collar are not always easy to maintain. Golf shirts encounter many hazards on the course, from perspiration and divot dirt to the unavoidable food mishap and the ever-present threat of grass stains. Many golf shirts can be washed, but manufacturers also recommend dry cleaning to address these hazards as well as problems with color changes or shrinking.

At DELIA'S Cleaners, we've developed an expertise for keeping all styles and designs of polo and golf shirts looking and feeling their best. Our stain experts will know exactly how to treat both obvious and hidden stains to ensure they are removed thoroughly so they never come back. While home remedies often appear to work, stains that have set deeply in fibers may reappear over time. Unfortunately, once treated, they are impossible to remove should they reappear. Because of this, we encourage you to avoid home treatments, even rubbing with water, as they can push the stains deeper into the weave of the fabric. The best approach is to bring our shirt to DELIA'S as soon as possible.

Your shirts will be finished so that they are returned looking almost new, with classic lines and the fit you expect. Once you get them home, hang them on a wooden or padded hangers, button the top button and pop the collar up. This keeps the it from curling so it will lay flat the next time you wear it.