Most likely, you will never own anything more beautiful or symbolic than your wedding gown. Whether you choose elegant, modern or avant-garde you'll want your gown to last forever!

We want to help. This May, all Tide ® Cleaners Inner Circle Rewards members will receive a 25% discount on all bridal cleaning.

Our professionals are experts in cleaning all types of wedding attire - from bridesmaid dresses and tuxes to mother-of-the bride and groom attire. Once your treasured items are clean, let us preserve them! Our Tide ® Cleaners Heirlooming Service is the best choice when it comes to preserving wedding gowns.

Gown Preservation

Our professionally-trained technicians inspect your gown, veil and any accessories for spots, tears, and other areas requiring special attention. They then hand-clean your gown paying special attention to delicate trims, lace and embellishments. We fluff-dry the gown to eliminate the risk of heat damage. Once cleaned and dry, we complete minor repairs on buttons and beads, and any additional work you requested. We then press and hand finish the gown before a final inspection. Our preservation specialists shape and carefully pack your gown and accessories with tissue paper for safe keeping in an attractive heirlooming storage box.

Wedding Party Attire

We'll take care of your entire wedding party! Our gentle cleaning process keeps wedding attire looking its best, and actually brightens colors and refreshes the textures of fine fabrics. We take extra care to ensure wedding wear will be spotless, bright and beautiful. We hand-clean and delicately handle items with significant beads or sequined designs. Our professionals thoroughly inspect each garment for spots, tears or other problem areas requiring special attention before cleaning and fluff-drying.

At Tide ® Cleaners, we consider it a privilege to help make your day memorable, whether restoring an heirloom bridal gown, caring for your wedding party, or cleaning and preserving your cherished dress. From all of us, congratulations on your special day!