Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans that looks and feels amazing. The good news is that they can last for years, with the proper care. But, not everyone has time for proper denim care. Your best strategy may be to bring your jeans and denim to Tide Cleaners. Our experts will give them the gentle care they need to look their best for years to come. 

If you do want to clean them at home from time to time, follow these tips.

  • Stop. Don’t throw your jeans in the wash every time you wear them. Whenever you wash denim - no matter how gently - it fades and shrinks. Instead, spot clean. Treat the stain with an appropriate stain remover like Tide To Go or liquid or powder detergent.
  • Hand wash your jeans. Soak your denim in cold water with a small amount of detergent for a half an hour. Swirl gently once or twice. Rinse and line dry.
  • Clean jeans after wearing them about 10 times. Turn them inside out to prevent color loss and fading. While fading may reflect your lifestyle, let it come from living in them, not washing them.
  • Check your pockets. Remove pens and other items that can damage your jeans. Unroll your cuffs so dirt doesn’t get stuck in the creases.
  • Always use cold water. Warm water speeds fading and shrinking. If you want a faded look, hot water may help. But, keep in mind, it also weakens the fabric.
  • Wash denim separately from all other clothes.
  • Don’t mix denim colors. There is no harm in washing two very dark jeans together, but you never know what will come out if you wash lighter and more vibrant colors together.
  • Skip the bleach. It can cause serious damage to the denim color and deteriorate the fibers.
  • If your jeans are a bit musty, hang them in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will help remove lingering odors - temporarily.

Sound like a lot of work? Then drop your denim at Tide Cleaners.