Items to Never Clean At HomeWe know you wonder, and we are often asked, -�Do I really need to dry clean this?-� The best answer is, -�It depends on the garment and its cleaning needs. However, there are a few things that your should always  bring  to DELIA'S Cleaners for professional care.

Never  Try These At Home
  1. Garments that need a crisp pressing always look better after they've been cleaned and pressed professionally. These include  dress shirts or cotton pants for work. At DELIA'S Cleaners, our  equipment makes sure your garments are pressed without a wrinkle so you'll look your best.
  2. Suits, which are typically both expensive and made from delicate fabrics, need professional cleaning. Regular dry cleaning keeps  them looking great, fitting right, and feeling perfect.
  3. While this might seem obvious, don't try to wash clothes that are marked -�dry clean only.-� We see a lot of clothing items with these labels that have been damaged by washing machines and laundry detergents. If a manufacturer has specified a piece of clothing for dry cleaning, it's usually because the fabric, dye, or accessories (like buttons and sequins) are particularly delicate.
  4. Leather and suede can be easily damaged or scratched, which makes them good candidates for dry cleaning. As a rule of thumb, if you aren't sure how to clean something that's made of leather or suede, or don't have the right materials for the job, bring it to us.
  5. Clothing that has been heavily stained with grease or another substance, even if it is an item that isn't normally brought into a dry cleaner, might be worth bringing in so our specialists see what we can do.
  6. Dry clean any clothing that is going to be stored. This includes seasonal or heirloom garments. Proper care and cleaning ensures that wedding dresses, quilts, holiday sweaters, and other pieces will be fresh and ready when  you need  them.

If you're uncertain about washing a delicate or special item at home, don't take a chance. Bring it to DELIA'S Cleaners. We will make it looks better and last longer. We're happy to let you know how we can help!