At DELIA'S Cleaners we're committed to providing the best quality cleaning on every item you entrust to our care. But, you don't always make it easy! Here are a few of our more challenging assignments.

One of our -�fluffier-� requests came from a parade participant who brought in a very feathery turkey costume for cleaning.   We cleaned  the bird without shedding a single feather.

Along the same lines, we've cleaned beautiful brocades, heavy woolen and linen costumes for performers in the area's Renaissance Faire. Each costume requires extensive, individualized care because of the mix of fabrics and textures, the adornments, and color dyes. So far, we're 100% on perfect cleaning.

We regularly clean bunny outfits around Easter time, and Santa and elf suits during the Christmas season. We take great pride in getting these costumes ready as we know that hundreds of children and grown-ups will be delighted to see these familiar holiday icons. Finally, we clean all types of Halloween costumes imaginable, from lions and tigers to pirates, witches and the latest trendy characters, before and after the holiday.

We Clean Christening GownsIt's not just costumes that challenge us, however. We've had some extraordinarily meaningful cleaning requests as well. One customer brought in a 40-year-old christening gown hoping to restore it to its original white. Unfortunately, because of its age and how it had been stored, the fabric was too fragile to clean. We were able to preserve it, though, with our special heirlooming process. One of the most intriguingly beautiful items we've cleaned was a combination hat and mask from Peru. Design details had been hand-embroidered and accented with beaded ornamentation. Our professionals treated it with the utmost care to ensure it was returned perfectly clean and intact.

Of all the items we clean, however, the ones that give us the greatest honor are the uniforms worn by our police, fire and military.

In all our years, we haven't been stumped yet and we look forward to seeing what cleaning challenges lie ahead.