Integrating Fall Into Your Existing WardrobeIn our September 20 blog, we shared some exciting new fashion trends for Fall 2018. Not all of us can afford to invest in a new wardrobe each year, so how do we incorporate some of these trends without breaking the bank?


Pick one or two statement pieces to add to your wardrobe that may last for years. One investment would be a simple red dress, which transitions from day to night, and from casual to formal is one suggestion. Or, invest in a new statement coat. Pick a neutral color and then pick your preference from one of this year’s trends: plaid or prints, which are also popular this year, or coat accented with shearling.


Then, go through your existing wardrobe and see how you can adapt outfits you have with some basic accessories. Look for ways to incorporate the following:

  • Red - handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, shawls, makeup, or gloves
  • Western - jewelry, belts, vests, bags, shoes, and boots
  • Wild Cats - scarves, belts, shoes, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, and gloves

Lay out different looks, take pictures, and post them on a bulletin board in your closet or room. Or, keep them in a binder. Then, flip through and find the outfit that matches your mood and your schedule for the day.

Keep in mind, dry cleaning at Tide Cleaners can help preserve the life of accessories as well. If you do dry clean, bring all pieces of the look in together for best results.